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But it’s a personal matter and I’m really not going to discuss it, OK?

” Finally, let me be clear on one point: We are in NO way passing judgement on this.

It certainly sounds like Ryan, and it certainly looks like his wife, but Ryan isn't trying to keep it a personal matter, as he said in his press conference today: "Obviously I knew this question is coming," Ryan said this afternoon during his usually scheduled briefing with New York reporters.

What makes this horribly wrong is that it’s connected to the Jets, and once again, while the Jets are preparing for an important football game, they are made to answer questions about a dumb coach or a dumb whore.

Let's make this clear up front: if Jets coach Rex Ryan—about as normal and forthcoming a guy as you'll find in the NFL—really harbors some strange foot fetish, then Bill Belichick is probably into some of the nastiest, most bizarre sexual interplay you could ever imagine. Some lady in foot fetish videos looks like Rex Ryan's wife? (Note: This is not my way of admitting to a foot fetish). It's one thing to expose Brett Favre's alleged sexual harassment of a team employee; he's a public figure that's capitalized tremendously on his values and presumed virtues.

Personally, I think if you can keep your sex life spicy after 23 years, do whatever the heck you need to do. None of this tells me that their marriage is weak or they are of weak character; On the contrary, if they're able to talk about these issues honestly and make videos and post couples profiles, more power to them! But with Ryan at the center of the New York media, I feel for him and his wife.

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