Regular expression for validating international phone numbers

We did our best to test and modify if necessary pattern strings however as time goes by standards changes and some of them could became no longer valid. Australia has 4-digit numeric postal codes with the following state based specific ranges. Therefore Regular Expression Validation Rules should be used with caution. Accepts all forms of Australian phone numbers in different formats (area code in brackets, no area code, spaces between 2-3 and 6-7th digits, 61 international dialling code). WA: 6800-69-6799Canadian postal code format verification. The format of a Canadian postal code is LDL DLD where L are alpha characters and D are numeric digits. The letters D, F, I, O, Q and U never appear in a postal code because of their Advanced similarity to 0, E, 1, 0, 0, and V respectively.

Using Hibernate Validator, not to be confused with the Hibernate ORM, is a good practice to prevent issues like Injection Vulnerabilities.Over time, inconsistencies pop up across our products as each one utilizes a slightly different design.The Base Web team saw an opportunity to save developers time and improve product consistency by providing a drop-in component tailored to collecting phone numbers.By using an internal database of geocoding information, libphonenumber is able to provide country-specific information about phone numbers, such as region codes, carriers, and much more.A good example of libphonenumbers capabilities can be seen on the libphonenumber demo page, in which inputting a phone number of Now that we have a bit of our problem and a possible solution, let’s see how we can put things together.

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Validates the United Kingdom Drivers License format as described by the DVLA.

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