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I had a weekend job in a newsagents when I was a teenager. We've all done it..continue to do it with alarming regularity...

I've coughed through plenty of travel bulletins and mis-pronounced loads of words so they've come out filthy. Favourite holiday destination: I can't cope with lying on a beach doing nothing for anything more than a day or two, so give me some warmth, but not too much, some culture and lots of things to see and do.

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I know this is probably an old topic but just wanted to say how lovely it is to finally find the full poem about Mary going to church in her new bonnet, my gran (From Bradford) used to say it to me as a child and since she passed away I've wanted to get hold of the full poem, many thanks to Pam for putting it on here. I´m from Sweden, I am surprised to read that some of the Yorkshire words are the same as in swedish!!! I never heard the word thirsty before I was 8 years of age.2. It would be very nice if someone could settle a bet, there's a lot riding on it!!

Here comes a list, some are similar in soundings, some also similar in spelling.bairn-child-BARN.berg-mountain-BERG.brant-steep-BRANT.beck-brook-BÄÄBB(birds beak).skrike-cry,scream-SKRIK(a scream).sten-stone-STEN.stor-great-STOR.strand-shore-STRAND(beach).sup-drink-SUP(snaps). My wife (from Lancashire) thinks that the expression "Lick road clean wi' tongue" is an old yorkshire expression, I (from New South Wales) say that it has been introduced to the vernacular by Monty Python. Barnsley word 'gip' for urge or feel like being sick.

The only that I can think up at the moment is "ows thi ben since i sor thi" (which came from a friend from Yorkshire that I no longer have contact with). Little fly upon the wall aint you got no clothes at all, no shirt no shimmy anrt you cold, course im flamin cold. Our Mary went to church one Sunday morn, alt folk did gawp n stare, nt preacher said," Mary this is a house of God, not a flower show ", ar Mary stood up, fit to swallow church n allt folk in and said,” fatha, thy heads bald, nowt in it, nowt on it, wouldst tha like a feather owta a my bonnet.”My Nan used to have two sayings which made me laugh as I couldn't make head nor tale of them at the time.

Also "theres a fairy at the bottom of my garden and her name is nuff - Fairynuff" dont know if they are yorkshire sayings but he lived all his life in Doncaster"Khalied" - drunk"Dishclart" - dishcloth Also, couple of sayings I rememebr being popular in my Mum's generation:"It's a bit black over our Bill's mother's" (meaning, it's looking like rain)"Two runs round the table and a sniff at the watter tap" (Said in response to the question "what's for dinner? I'm gannin yam t' tell me mam that all the pigs are dead but yan.

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