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These include urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, and an enlarged prostate.Overactive bladder can be described as frequent urination, a constant urge to urinate, bladder leaks, and nighttime urination.Prostate cancer begins in the outer peripheral zone and grows outward to invade surrounding tissue.In BPH, the growth moves inward, towards the prostate’s core, causing the urethra to become tighter and making it difficult to urinate.Prostate enlargement isn’t the only cause of overactive bladder in men.Other causes include a bladder infection, bladder stones, or bladder cancer.Younger men can also experience incontinence due to health problems.Urinary incontinence also happens to women, but the biggest issue with incontinence in men is that they are less likely to speak with their doctors about it.

Over time, the bladder can become weaker and lose its ability to empty fully.For men, overactive bladder is often triggered by an enlarged prostate.As men age, the prostate can become larger, blocking the flow of urine, and lead to other symptoms related to overactive bladder.If left untreated, an enlarged prostate can cause urinary retention, which can go on to harm the kidneys.Here we will outline three common bladder problems men over the age of 60 are at risk for.

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Prostate cancer is referred to as a silent killer because its symptoms can take months or years to appear.

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