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Old mounting on heavy cream, with pencil notation judged not later than about 1910: “Most of the Broadsides in this Collection were used in the Court Proceedings, brought against the Run away Slaves....” In period hand, in blue and brown inks, five annotations adding details of the girls’ appearance: “(Maria) is darker than a mulatto,” “(Susan) is a light mulatto” with “scar on her left elbow,” “(Harriet).handed,” and “Harriet is short but heavy.” Women of all three names appear in an exhaustive printed Letter and report from Lincoln’s Sec.

The Letter (88 pp., included on CD) describes an Office of Commissioners to administer “An Act for the release of certain persons held to service or labor in the District of Columbia”: “...

Hillsborough opposed concessions to the patriots, personally dispatching the period’s first Royal troops to America.

However, his ethnicity is unquestionable: some twenty years ago, the Hartford Courant - believed the oldest newspaper in continuous publication in America - published the following on him: “Kay Cambridge of Middletown [Conn.] enlisted for a three-year hitch in the Fifth Connecticut Regiment in May 1777.

Public notice was given through the newspapers of the city of Washington that the commission would meet daily.reception and examination of petitions for compensation [of slaveholders]...

Despite Congress’ failure to prescribe regulatory measures when it created the office of Commissary General in Summer 1775, Trumbull’s plan proved so effective that the Continental Army was well supplied.

Under Durkee in 1776-77, Georgoy apparently fought at the historic Battle of Trenton on Christmas Day 1776, and at Princeton.Wheeler may be the first, and perhaps only former Confederate General to appear in a motion picture, playing himself in the primitive Edison silent film “Surrender of General Toral,” in 1898.We closed the matter this day to the amount of £1412.0.2 which is a greater Sale than I expected, as there were only 90 instead of 110 Negroes, and a proportionate difficiency of Horses & Stock; & few or no Plantation utensils—the Land in this County (that is Frederick) sold for much less than it was valued at in the year 1767; and yet, I do not think it sold much under the intrinsic worth, as there is a good deal of exceeding poor & broken ground in it.My Men are entirely unfit for Duty, though in Health, for the Want of Shirts, Breeches, Stockings and Shoes.Every Article of Cloathing in the Regiment is worn out...”--National Archives’ Founders Online.

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In the disturbed state of the country..would be difficult to assign value to slaves...

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