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Hopefully, you can use this information to help yourselves take the first step towards a more secure self. They are absolutely not trying to hurt you, and most likely have put a lot of effort towards telling you in the most respectful way as to not hurt your feelings.

I have faith in the strength of our relationship, and I know that realizing all of this is a huge step in its own right towards an even healthier state.

Besides, she’d said she wasn’t looking to date anyone else any time soon, so there was plenty of time, right?

Ever since then, I thought that all this time we were spending basically ignoring the fact that she’s poly was giving me time to get used to the idea of her dating someone else.

But, because we had brushed off important discussions to be had “when it mattered,” we never got to the root cause of my jealousy.

So, now that it does matter, when real feelings and people are involved, instead of magically being more emotionally mature and ready for this stage in our relationship, my jealousy sprung back up with a vengeance.

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