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This is an extremely important "piece" to study for many reasons.The essay can be read here: Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo Mormon Think will be responding to the essay here: Plural Marriage in Kirtland & Nauvoo - Response to A Mormon Think editor responds to the Plural Marriage and Families in Utah essay below.The article states, "Latter-day Saints do not understand all of God's purposes for instituting, through His prophets, the practice of plural marriage during the 19th century." It is mostly a historical recap of the Church's treatment of polygamy in Utah before 1890 and few things are really explained.It is found here: Plural Marriage and Families in Early Utah Hopefully, the Church will release an essay discussing the polygamy in Nauvoo, including Joseph Smith's polygamous and polyandrous relationships.Link to: Remembering the Wives of Joseph Smith 3) Second paragraph excerpt: Thereafter, for more than half a century, plural marriage was practiced by some Latter-day Saints.Only the Church President held the keys authorizing the performance of new plural marriages.As proof, the essay's third paragraph states: ..plural marriages were performed between 18, especially in Mexico and Canada, outside the jurisdiction of U. law; a small number of plural marriages were performed within the United States during those years...Church members, including members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, continued to marry polygamous wives for 14 more years.

By 1870, 25 to 30 percent of the population lived in polygamous households...

In 1890, the Lord inspired Church President Wilford Woodruff to issue a statement that led to the end of the practice of plural marriage in the Church.

In this statement, known as the Manifesto, President Woodruff declared his intention to abide by U. law forbidding plural marriage and to use his influence to convince members of the Church to do likewise.

The Book of Mormon verse (Jacob , 30) actually condemns polygamy.

In other Bible verses not referenced in the article, the God of the Bible did not seem to necessarily disapprove of polygamy but he did not command it either.

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In addition, the words "instituted among members" implies that members didn't practice plural marriage until the early 1840s.

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