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The other two children agree that she is now their mother, and Eureka feels happy to know they still love her.At Tresor, Jurgens has a big problem with the Izumo's refits and wants it painted red.

She points out that Holland is out in a dangerous LFO and he is literally killing himself due to the drugs required to pilot it so they can stop Dewey.On Earth, Eureka and the kids tend to Renton's fever, and Eureka undergoes yet another transformation.Dewey's flagship has located the Scub Command Center, and are finally ready to begin their operation to destroy the Scub Coral.Eureka hugs the kids to comfort them, and Maeter has a minor recollection of her real mother, which she describes as warm and smelled nice, and compares that feeling to Eureka until she remembers that everything suddenly went cold.Guilt-ridden, Eureka comes close to telling Maeter and Linck that she killed their real parents, but Maurice stops her and tells her that she is now their mother.

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Before Talho can respond, Matthieu barges in to tell them that Dewey's about to launch the next attack.

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