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Later we could imagine seventh step: updates extensions (but it needs another work before that) Note: refer to or any other configured source (for IST per example) Note: A such automatic updater needs 2 things: Absolutely a great idea. As a website administrator who also uses Word Press, I'd strongly recommend reviewing their model and implementation, including giving the admin the ability to Configuring Automatic Background Updates « Word Press Codex.

I always turn the automatic background updates off because I want control of the timing and the ability to test before deploying.

You will have to edit the file located at ext/board3/portal/events/Open and find the following located near the top: Now save and exit and upload to your site or if you edited in the ftp program you should be good.This is quite a large, and growing, folder and if the whole folder is going to be part of the update then, because of its size, this might become a problem.Another point to consider is that if this is not going to be included until 3.3 then there will be the problem of all updates until then and also the the upgrade from 3.2 to 3.3.Problem is, the ACP link at the bottom of each forum page takes me back to the OLD address of BB3/adm... Following your lead I found that the site_name there was correct, but server_name and cookie_domain had not been corrected yet.and that almost instantly redirects me to the page at igo. Still, after changing those and clearing out the cache folder the behavior persists.

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