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Pauley Perrette used to be the lead singer of the Los Angeles grunge rock band Lo-Ball, which was sort of like Hole meets Orgy. In fact, she has so much ink that she's lost track of her total number of tats. Something simple on the ring finger of her left hand. That's my favorite Bible verse, Romans , which is, 'Don't be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.' That's my favorite one and I look at it every day. A heart shape that used to match a tattoo she got with her then-husband.A quick search of the band on You Tube kicks up fascinating songs such as "Lipstick & Aspirin" and "Uncomplicated." The band's song "Can't Get Me Down" was also featured on the soundtrack to the 2001 hit movie about her musical ambitions, saying, "I was into music before I was an actor." She also told the magazine about a collaboration she was working on, called Stop Making Friends, with D. Though she may regret that one, Perrette is still adding to her body art collection.She's consistently been the top-rated female actress on television, according to the ever-popular Q Score. , Perrette said that while working as a bartender, she "overheard a girl say she made 00 doing a commercial." That sounded like a good deal to Perrette, who eventually found "a director that took a liking to me and put me in a bunch of music videos and commercials." Although she kind of glosses over that whole "getting a director to take a liking to you" aspect of her career (which is probably the more interesting part of the story,) Perrette did name drop some famous artists that hired her for their videos.

In fact, Perrette even has real-life training that probably comes in handy in her role as a brilliant, intrepid crimefighter. TV audiences apparently agree because Perrette has developed a massive fan base.

She also "co-preached a sermon about civil rights" with her pastor to champion LGBTQ rights.

That interest translated to her consuming "science textbooks" in her free time, and dreaming of becoming a cop.

According to the CUNY scholarship page, Perrette's endowment will award students who "demonstrate continued financial need, are majoring in Forensic Science, and remain in good standing" a yearly amount of ,500 for up to four years.

"I hope this scholarship provides an opportunity for a deserving young person to accomplish their dream of acquiring an education in Forensic Science," Perrette said.

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In November 2015, Pauley Perrette tweeted about a frightening encounter with a "very psychotic homeless man," who she alleged repeatedly "punched" her and threatened to kill her.

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