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Finding the right person, however, isn’t that easy for this lady.Neptune (in astrology the planet of ideals) squaring her natal Venus gives her high standards in love, while her Moon and Mercury in discriminating Virgo give her a tendency to be rather overly critical at times of men who fail to meet them.After the date Rose reports to Johnson, who then confers with her client on how to improve.I barely make it an hour before I can't take the suspense any more.I have to know how I'm doing, and so I put aside all pretense and ask.Rose assures me that I'm doing well, and I breathe a sigh of relief.In her birth chart, Saturn (in astrology known as the planet of karma) falls in Sagittarius, the sign of religious beliefs, in the 4th House of home and family.These, then, are the areas of her life where she feels a compelling obligation to work hard at fulfilling her responsibilities.

Any man in her life would obviously have to do the same.

In her love life too, the Leo born entertainer has regularly rung the changes: Major relationships to have hit the dust include a three year love affair with Cancerian Carlos Leon, the father of her daughter Lourdes, and her stormy four year marriage to Sean Penn, a fellow Leo – a casualty of the problems that arise when two Lions both want to rule the lair!

British film-maker Guy Ritchie – the Virgo she wed in 2000 and divorced eight years later – was the longest lasting by far of the men in her life and probably the toughest to get over, especially as their split coincided with her reaching 50 and all the vulnerabilities that entailed.

Then he goes on, pointing out that my hair and teeth look nice (thanks? He says he likes my style, but wonders why I haven't taken off my scarf. He says he thought maybe I was hiding something on my neck. I'm suddenly concerned though, thinking back to dates when I've worn scarves. Could it be that I'm still single because of a scarf-wearing habit?

One mock date and I'm looking at everything in a new light.riting an article on dating in Charlotte wasn't my idea.

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