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You must know, Paraguay seems a little abandoned place and many people live here in such conditions we would call it the past century, especially if this is rural area.Girls in Paraguay might seem to you old fashioned and being like from the past. Paraguayan girl would afraid of dating foreigner because she has never seen foreigner in her life before and more of that she has never been dating with foreigner.The initiative is accompanied by a mass media campaign – called Block the Violence – designed to reach young people through television and radio ads, videos, billboards, social media posts and brochures.Many of campaign’s images are based on real messages exchanged by adolescents and young people. It also focuses on parents, teachers and community members, encouraging everyone to be aware of, talk about and take action against gender-based violence.Capable of rapidly absorbing wisdom and knowledge from those around her, she is poised to one day become an inspiring leader, a productive worker, an innovator, a caring parent or any of the other...State of World Population 2014 Young people matter.“I’m so happy to know there are campaigns to address this issue, to get people to talk about it, so other girls can understand they’re not alone if they’re going through a similar experience,” she said.State of World Population 2016 She is 10 years old.

The initiative is also disseminating messages about positive relationships to 2,500 secondary school students in Asunción and other cities in five of the country’s departments.

If you visit Paraguay in hope of dating Paraguayan girls, don’t think if this is poor country they will be very happy with dating you.

Don’t think she would be ready dating you because in that case she has some chance to escape Paraguay.

The messages also refer survivors to a 24-hour hotline maintained by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

The participation of youth – on social media and in schools – is critical to these efforts.

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“We are sure that, together with you, we will be able to reduce and, why not, dream about eradicating violence in the country,” said Ana María Baiardi, Paraguay’s Minister of Women, speaking to young people.

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