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When Microsoft Exchange calendar sync add-on is in use, activity owner can not be changed for saved activities.

When creating a new activity, owner can be changed before activity is saved.

Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 calendar sync helps you coordinate your work schedule with two-way synchronization between Visma Severa and Microsoft Exchange/Office 365.

Once the sync has been established for an organization, individual users enable and initiate the sync in Visma Severa.

Severa users can be added as participant/attendees in both systems and entries are updated in both calendars.

Contacts from Severa account card: In Visma Severa it is possible to attach activity to an account or a case.

Initial sync tries to match existing entries based on subject/activity name, start date, start time, end date, end time and recurrence.

In the initial sync the sync is set to start from current date minus one day and older activities are not synced.

Setting up -article describes how to make the restriction in Visma Severa.

External contacts: When an external attendee (= a person not using the same Visma Severa as you) is added to an entry in Outlook, he gets email notification about a new calendar entry.

When entry is synced to Severa, external participant is displayed on the activity participant list as “Firstname Lastname” or “[email protected]” and the participant colour is black.

When account is added for the activity, also contacts from that account can be added as participants.

Account contact is visible in the participants list in Severa, but this information is not transferred to Outlook calendar.

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If entry is updated or deleted either in Severa or in Outlook, also external attendee will be notified.

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