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They were an American company but they’d set up an office (sold a franchise as it turned out) in Leeds.The company supposedly does what it says on the tin.Still, there I was in her posh new office telling her what I looked for in a man apart from a pulse. We were supposed to be meeting for lunch, but he arrived straight from having had a burger, so he didn’t want to eat. He did, however, still live with his parents and his Nan.I told her that I wasn’t comfortable with massive age-gaps; five years either side of my own age seemed reasonable. Someone with left-leaning politics, perhaps with an interest in the arts and popular culture. Well, perhaps someone a little taller than me but being no oil painting myself, I wasn’t setting the bar too high. As a self-identifying fat girl, I was too self-conscious to eat in front of him. And that was because he was about 12 years my junior.The thing is, whilst I’ve written plenty of meet-cutes, I’ve yet to have one.About 8 years ago, during one of my flurries of romantic desperation, I joined a dating agency called It’s Just Lunch.

I mean, the safest sex is no sex but I’m not that risk-averse.In these moments of panic I usually resolve to take the bull by the horns.In all honesty, that usually means updating my Guardian Soulmates profile or re-joining OK Cupid again.His first IJL date had been with a woman from London.IJL had booked them a restaurant table in Wimbledon.

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