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The analyses summarized in the UFSAR reported the flooding rates, flooding depths needed to submerge and disable safety components, alarms alerting workers to the flooding situation, and response actions and associated times for workers to intervene and successfully mitigate a flooding event.

In December 1993, the owner submitted an Individual Plant Examination (IPE) of St.

Thus, the NRC has initiated a project with BNL to update the NRC guidance to remain current with recent research on human performance, advances in HFE methods and tools, and new technology. "HFE Process Guidance and Standards for potential application to updating NRC guidance".

At full power, the plants produce 2,100 megawatts of electricity, enough for 1.5 million average homes.

The plants began operation in 19, and are licensed until 20 respectively.

NRC inspectors reviewed the flood protection walkdowns performed by plant workers and conducted their own walkdowns.

The NRC reported “.” The report did indicate that workers found one potentially degraded flood barrier, but had initiated paperwork to investigate it further and remedy it as applicable.

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