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Outdoor activities abound year round: hiking, biking, camping (tent and RV), boating, fishing, sailing, tubing, birding, photography, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, archery, and more.If you fancy disc golf, there are fourteen regulation courses in the state.North Dakota [18] is a state in the Great Plains of the United States.It is bordered on the west by Montana, on the east by Minnesota, on the south by South Dakota, and on the north by the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.North Dakota, the 39th state, was admitted to the Union in 1889.The year 2005 marked the bicentennial celebration of the Lewis and Clark expedition which began in Illinois and passed through North Dakota on the way to the Pacific Northwest, with help from a Shoshone Indian girl, Sakakawea, as their guide.It's close to being one of the top five oil and wind energy producers in the world.

North Dakota doesn't have much to boast in terms of culinary arts, but there are a few things you can find, if you dig deep enough. Some of the best stops you can make in North Dakota are in the small little communities littered across the state, many of which have less than 2,000 people -- and some have less than 100.

But there is something to be found for those willing to venture into the unknown.

North Dakota is living proof that there is much to see and do off the beaten tourist path and in small towns.

There are lots of resources to learn about Native American history and culture [20].

If you are interested in an authentic experience, make sure to head to the United Tribes International Powwow that is hosted in Bismarck every fall [21].

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