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Virtually everyone dreams, but on the whole we either forget our dreams or dismiss them as mere recollections not particularly applicable to life.

Dreams, though, are the first step in the higher realm of consciousness.

The Prophets (Neviim in Hebrew) received Gods words and spoke them or wrote them to the Jewish People.

David Davis To study Judaism successfully, it is essential to give up all preconceived notions of God, and instead to look to the Torah for knowledge.

Ironically, their study of Jesus became the portal to a study of Judaism, since the more J.

David Davis delved into the subject, the more necessary it was to become familiar with Judaism, the religion of Jesus and his followers.

The Noahide movement revolves around the role of non Jews in this world and in the world to come.

Questions such as How did Christianity differ from Judaism?

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5 Hours, 21 Minutes, 5 CDs; $59.95 Top of Page THE FATHERS OF JESUS AND JAMES J. Cults and the Battle of Religious Freedom in America.

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