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In general there were classes of all sorts, hut there was a great need for organization of classes in particular.

Med school men took their classes seriously, treking hack and forth to Durham hospitals.

Student government and student publications have suffered a shortage of the experienced men needed to maintain the Carolina tradition of government by the students. Mister, I want to fix my ight o'clock or on Saturday ...

Somehow through all the confusion we have managed to complete another year at Chapel Hill, in many respects one of the most difficult, yet at the same time one of the most enjoyable.

Brokes leg , sag £_Ay raid have made Phi Bete too, 'college than just books. Now Professor of Library Science and Administration at the University of North Carolina, Dr.

Building the University library to the second largest in the South has been his outstanding achievement along with being recognized as one of the foremost library authorities in the nation.

Old Carolina men who donned the Blue and White appeared on the campus, after serving on the battlefronts, ready to fight on the sports field once again for the Tar Heel cause. Sadie Hawkins day was revived this year, and students cast their hooks aside and enjoyed playing Lil" Ahner for a day. topped off with a visit to Danziger's for some coffee and doughnuts.

For the most part this hook was compiled during a year of peace, yet with peace have come many problems which have tested the stamina and initiative of Carolina's men and women.

a center of education bom of the revolution, readu to ierve itate and nation in peace or war . The University of North Carolina has stepped out of its war role and reassumed its peace time tasks.

UNC's traditions of good will, lib- erality and democratic ideals, half-neglected during the wartime speed-up pro- gram, needed a champion. Each new day brought a new question that demanded an immediate answer.

20 / /f Sam ~jfc $h .7^w^_ A university, geared for war through four and a half years, started reconversion and faced the problems that came with peace. 22 rfdmuttefaatiott The year brought unprecedented ad- ministrative problems.

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It also participates in other maritime investigations where British citizens are involved.

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