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"I can remember just holding him," she wrote, "holding his little body close.He was covered with blood and the life was running out of him.Neil Young, 68, has been dating Daryl Hannah, 53, for months, well before he announced that he was divorcing his wife of 36 years, Pegi, 60.Daryl and Neil presumably met in activist circles, and made a documentary together for Greenpeace.Claustrophobia soon put paid to her flying career, and Deborah turned to modelling, a line of work that had been suggested to her some years earlier; when she was 16, one of the leading models of the 1960s, Jean Shrimpton, had spotted her in a lift at Jenners, the Edinburgh department store, and encouraged her.Deborah now enrolled at the London Academy of Modelling, financing the course by working at the Playboy Club as a bunny girl before joining the Michael Whitaker Agency as a model and taking the professional name Erica.

He even told people in the studio she was his ‘girlfriend.’ ” The music industry was rocked when it learned Young and his wife were splitting.

He was crying for his mother."During the 1989 war Deborah and her family were forced to live in a basement for six months; Hizbollah rebels stormed their villa and repeatedly raped her before being shot dead by government troops.

Later, under Syrian bombardment, she and her two daughters fled Lebanon on a hydrofoil piloted by Dutch mercenaries and went to live near her mother in Scotland.

Deborah Thornton Jackson, who has died aged 57, found fame in 1971 as the Martini girl, promoting the earthly delights of drinking Italian vermouth "anytime, any place, anywhere" while lounging in a decidedly heavenly setting.

Modelling under the name Erica Wills, and alluringly stretched out in a red swimsuit by a sun-drenched pool, tray of iced drinks to hand, her feline image came to embody the jet-setting aspirations of the age; in Europe, the campaign was said to have boosted Martini sales threefold and stamped the brand with the same cool, sexually-charged elegance that defined James Bond's cocktail of choice.

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