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According to Sideshow Bob You only get one chance with Edna Krabappel.Edna Krabappel has dated numerous men throughout the series, here are some of those most prominent relationships.Edna is divorced and frequently flirts with any man she can find.

Heh heh yeah that was funny, I found the scene with Ned in the shower pretty strange, Yet somehow I still laughed at it because Homer must of been standing there videotaping him without him knowing which is pretty funny.

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I was wondering if anyone ever saw that episode where Ned is in the shower and there is a HUGE blurry over his man parts :-O . I have never saw it again, and it only lasts for about 2 seconds. I just picture Homer actually getting the three of them outside and then taping them saying that..must've been confused. Yeah those 2 jokes (the Flanders in the shower bit and also the Carl joke) were high points in a rather poor episdoe.

Another time, Bart dreamed that Edna passed him out of the goodness of her heart and he playfully slapped her on the butt.

Bart also tried pulling a prank on Edna by pretending to be her ideal boyfriend.

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