Moroccan girls dating

We're about the same age, around our early twenties.

When we first started dating, she was always kind of busy with University and studying and she hangs out with her friends in the city, eats at the cafe with her parents and drinks coffee and stuff. She hates technology though, she's not always on her phone like I see in America, she doesn't have data and will sometimes buy data to talk to me if she leaves for a long amount of time, or over a weekend of something.

Now truthfully, I have a very hard time believing she's just trying to scam me.

Her phone is a garbage Galaxy S3 and I'm an enthusiastic, one look at her phone and seeing it all cracked and crap everywhere, it made me feel bad for her.

After she got home, apparently her mom got mad that she's not studying for her exams and we weren't able to hang out today. During this time, I reached out to a fellow redditor who told me he went through something similar with a Moroccan girl but his was a scam and he wasted 2 years of his life and a lot of money.So I met this Moroccan girl on okcupid We hit it off and started dating We're both Muslim and really like each other.We text daily on whatsapp, trade pictures, voice messages, etc...She is a perfectionist and all of her pictures are gorgeous.So she doesn't take random photos like most girls.

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