Moms dating my boss

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Due to a strange set of circumstances, I ended up enrolling in the secretary profession at a “not well-known” college after my college entrance exams.

On the day that new students report in, I saw my class was “a field of red flowers”, “green leaves” [i.e.

I rode in the female boss’ Benz with the assumption of going to the “Hong Ning Hotel” which is often used by our company for receiving clients, but the car was headed in the opposite direction.

I didn’t think too much of it, maybe we were receiving rather important clients and switched to another hotel?

Even though males in society occupy a position of strength, he will inevitably suffer from “unspoken rules” to a certain degree, especially those in the special line of work of being male secretaries.After about half an hour, the female boss’ car reached a neighborhood of villas.I once saw an ad in the newspaper for this neighborhood, the housing price for one square meter is comparable to half of my yearly salary. I asked the female boss: Chief Liu, aren’t we going to meet the clients?I didn’t even get a chance to examine things closely before the female boss wanted me to sit on the couch.She said to wait a bit since the client hasn’t arrived yet, and she would go upstairs to change into another outfit. The female boss laughed scornfully: There are no clients, we are the only ones in this house. I didn’t know how to respond, only dumbstruck and looking at her stupidly.

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make a move], moreover, my looks are mediocre, average temperament, I reckon she won’t be attracted to me.

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