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Following his senior season of college basketball, the Cleveland Cavaliers selected Johnson with the seventh pick in the 1987 NBA draft.Adjusting quickly to the change of scenery and much-increased playing time, Johnson excelled and the league named him the NBA Rookie of the Month for April 1988 as he averaged 15.1 points, an 86.4% free throw percentage, 10.6 assists, and 5.6 rebounds.The previous spring in the 1990 Western Conference Semifinals, Johnson led the Suns past Magic's league-best, 63-win Los Angeles Lakers, four games to one.Over the last two games, Johnson closed out the series by averaging 33.5 points and a dozen assists as the Suns won both Game Four and Game Five, with K. vastly outplaying Magic Johnson in the fourth quarter of both contests.Johnson played point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers during a portion of his rookie year, and for the Phoenix Suns for the remainder of his NBA career. Johnson, the son of Georgia West and Lawrence Johnson, was born March 4, 1966, in Sacramento.

It also represented the beginning of a new era for the previously moribund Suns' franchise. J.'s first seven full seasons in Phoenix from 1989 to 1995, the Suns won the most regular season games in the NBA (394, an average of 56 and never fewer than 53), constituting the only club to win at least 50 every year during that span, and they won the second-most playoff games (46), trailing only the Chicago Bulls.Johnson received berths to the NBA All-Star Team in 1990, 1991, and 1994.In the 1991 All-Star Game in Charlotte, Johnson wore number 41 instead of his familiar number 7.The shot became an oft-played highlight for the ages and was part of a second consecutive 38-point, 12-assist effort by the point guard. Johnson led Dream Team II in both total assists (31) and assists per game (3.9), while shooting 47.1% (16–34) from the field and 50.0% (16–32) on two-point field goal attempts. The thing that stood out is how he sacrificed his scoring to be a distributor of the ball and make his team win. Johnson helped the Suns win their first playoff series in five years.After Phoenix lost in the second round to the Los Angeles Lakers, he retired for the second and final time.

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Johnson made the playoffs every year of his career after his rookie season, reversing the fortunes of the perennially losing Phoenix Suns.

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