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So I decided that it was better to check for the current version level of the virus signature (that Mc Afee calls DAT files) and to compare it with the “newer” one that Mc Afee provides on its site.Retrieving the current version level of the DAT file is quite easy, with some registry mining.11) DATES: Select date range (not selecting an end date is okay).

Can you expaned on your first sentance, as far as the steps and menus involved?For instance you can decide that you want to try to update each time the computer is booted. Or when the computer has been idling for a certain amount of time. It can also be a very nice thing to be able to do that when the normal/automated update does not work.And this was my primary reason for developing this utility: Some of the users I had to support were not connecting often enough to their corporate intranet.You need wget for this to work: is used to get the Super DAT utility that Mc Afee provides for free on its update servers.Super DAT is a single file, which can run silently and which updates Mc Afee’s antivirus systems (virus definitions AND engines). Even too simple: It will download Super DAT even if the current virus signature is already installed on the computer running the script.

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