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He used to talk a lot about his working life with Good as compared to Taryn, so this led to this unconfirmed rumor.Malco likes talking about his journey in the industry, about his friends, and also his work details.But his private life, as his family life, remain always a mystery for the media.There are no confirmed details about Malco’s previous love life too. Jamie Pressly once stated that she had sex with a black guy who married a former hockey player: do two hints make a proof? I know how you get those stereotypes when you're famous and you've done kiddie stuff. I don't know if you can notice her any more than you already do. What was it like working with an Olsen twin? Zooey Deschanel's cameo appearance in season two as Justin Kirk's ditzy psycho girlfriend from Alaska is definitely one of the highlights of the adding another hyphenated Mary -- Mary-Kate Olsen -- to the show in the new season. I am appalled to tell you how Mary-Kate Olsen starts this season. He kind of caught her eye and they started entertaining one another just a little bit.

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