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He received a degree in environmental studies from University of North Carolina.A recipient of the SAFE Water Award, Easterling is a role model for young businessmen.Thomas Davis’ wife then realized she was pregnant, and the two were apparently thrilled about the news.They sort of knew they would eventually be married anyhow.Javon called over Thomas, and he immediately hit it off with Kelly.

Also known as “Amazon John,” he has produced a few Hollywood movies and TV projects including ‘Big River Man,’ ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’ and ‘Loose Women.’ Born in the USA, he was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The North Carolina Vital Records office should not be your first choice for information because we must have specific information before the search can begin, and we charge a fee for each record search, whether or not the record is found.

If you know the area where your ancestor lived, check the records in the county where the event occurred.

When Kelly graduated from Winthrop, Thomas couldn’t be there because he was attending a training camp but he gave her and her family a video recorder and asked them to document the occasion for him.

At the graduation party afterwards, there was a horde of people at Thomas’ house celebrating for Kelly, and Thomas arrived later and asked everyone into the living room for a special event.

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