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Bridgeport was inhabited by the Paugussett Indian tribe at the time of its English colonization. The Greater Bridgeport area is the 48th-largest urban area in the United States and forms part of the Greater New York City Area.

connecting Bridgeport to New York and the other towns along the north shore of the Long Island Sound.Industrial restructuring and suburbanization caused the loss of many jobs and affluent residents, leaving Bridgeport struggling with problems of poverty and crime. Barnum was a resident of the city and served as the town's mayor in the late 19th century.In the 21st century, conversion of office and factory buildings to residential use and other redevelopment is attracting new residents. Barnum built four houses in Bridgeport, and housed his circus in town during winter.In the early 21st century, Bridgeport has taken steps toward redevelopment of its downtown and other neighborhoods.In 2004, artists' lofts were developed in the former Read's Department Store on Broad Street.

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