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I don’t use this comparison lightly; therapy in some cases is equivalent to emotional re-parenting, and reigning in is necessary to promote the patient’s ultimate health, and not their momentary comfort.The therapist has no way to know what constitutes safe self-injury and what doesn’t.

This will generally make further therapy difficult or impossible, and sometimes patients will generalize and feel that they cannot trust any therapist (not just the one who reported).

In sum, the therapist has to feel comfortable that the patient is not actually in acute risk of harming herself, and there is often no basis for making that judgment other than one’s gut and the word of the patient which isn’t worth much when there is no pre-existing, long standing relationship to base a judgment on.

The therapist simply must make a decision, and then document her reasons for why she has made that decision, so that in the event that she is wrong, and an actual suicide occurs, she is able to justify her decision to the authorities who will investigate that death.

With regard to stopping abuse, the intent is to prevent both physical and emotional harm to others.

however, with regard to suicide, the assumption seems to be that no sane person would ever want to kill themselves, and the standard is that there is never a time when it is legitimate for someone to want to harm themselves.

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