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This is a great tool for locking sensitive information, like pictures, financial statements, and a lot more.

Think your roommate's been using your computer while you're not around, but don't have any proof?

To find these, just open up the Mac finder and the devices on the computer will show up with their icons.

This can make things easier if you are having trouble moving things around. Need to adjust your microphone's input volume using the Realtek Sound Manager but aren't sure how?

Worried your little brother or significant other is snooping through your stuff?

Here's how to check on both Windows and Mac OS X so you can catch and confront anyone who's logging onto your computer without your permission.

See how you can make your mouse cursor leave a trail behind it. Then go to "Printers" and "Other Hardware" and then "Mouse".

You can name your drives anything you'd like, including "backup", "my network", "my folder", or anything else you want.

One of these free VM managers is Oracle's VM Virtual Box, which can be downloaded from Oracle's website for all popular operating systems, such as Linux, Windows and Mac.

In this tutorial, we learn how to password protect any folder on your desktop in Windows.

Kids’ activities on i Phone/i Pad like SMS, chats, web browsing will be recorded and you can check them remotely with e-mail without getting access to the devices.

OK, here comes the steps: Step 1: Programs aren't perfect. And when one or the other (possibly both) aren't working as expected, your program may freeze up and become unresponsive.

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