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These girls have already preselected themselves as being interested in sharing a bed with a foreigner.Now imagine the kind of girls from Argentina (Caucasian) and now imagine the girls from Peru (more indigenous looking). Think of your average Spanish person but a shade darker and with poorer fashion sense.You can find some nice areas near the coast, but it’s pretty much a wash outside of the capital.

As wives Chilean women will definitely provide for the family with care, support, and affection. Santiago, Concepcion, Antofagasta, Vina del Mar, Valparaiso, Temuco, La Serena, Calama, Iquique, Puerto Montt, Coquimbo, Chillan, Arica, Talca, Osorno, Quilpue, Copiapo, Curico, Rancagua, Quillota, Punta Arenas, Puerto Varas, Valdivia, San Antonio.

As you get to the North of the country, the people share the Andean look of Peru and Bolivia.

Placing Chilean girls somewhere in between Argentine girls and Peruvian girls is a good comparison because while Argentine girls have a reputation for being conservative and unapproachable, and Peruvian girls will lie on their back for any guy with white skin and blonde hair, Chilean girls are in between those two extremes.

The wonderful women from Chile are waiting for you if only you give them a chance. Education is encouraged for women in Chile and so is participation in the workforce were women are increasingly seen as equals.

A sincere devotion to loved ones is a common quality for most South American brides but Chilean women are especially notable for this.

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These are the party/ hostel areas, and you’ll have plenty of foreign backpacker sluts to choose from: Brazilian, American, Spanish, etc.

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