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It is also a reminder that I need to ensure that going forward, I will commit to only inviting the right people to be part of my life; people who do not behave in dysfunctional and disrespectful ways.

I am currently doing an overhaul of my entire life, and I am committed to making changes to have only appropriate people in my life.

As well, I am also determining what needs to stay and what needs to go. I am no longer willing to tolerate being involved with the wrong person just because I do not want to be alone.

It is a terrible feeling to be in a relationship with someone who you do not feel an emotional connection with.

People who seek real change will do whatever is necessary to do what is right.

Before you can communicate properly with others, you first need to know how to properly communicate with yourself.

Do some self-discovery and find out what you want most for your life and from your relationships.

Being a member of more than one dating site is perfectly fine.

Most people have more than one social media account and they can handle more than one account just fine.

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