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So her stargazing hobby and late-night excursions to the observatory inspire nasty rumors about Hooshyar and her family.

Within four days, Meraj had sold his car for ,000 and he and Anahid had fled Iran, first travelling to Tehran and then across the border by bus. Meraj met Anahid when she was a student at his martial arts school in Mashhad and in 2008.

The site quoted a former Iranian prisoner, identified as Ivar Farhadi, who said he met White in October when they were both held at the same prison in the city of Mashad.

Farhadi said White had not been charged with any crime in Iran, according to Iran Wire.

The young woman's idol is Iranian-American Anousheh Ansari, the world's first female space tourist and the first person of Iranian descent in space.

Hooshyar lives in Sa'adt Shahr, a small town in central Iran where young women are not encouraged to pursue scientific hobbies.

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