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Welcome back to The Ultimate Guide to Web Components blog series!

We’re going to discuss the state of Web Components, help unravel best practices, reveal hidden tips and tricks and make sure that you get a real grasp on the workings of Web Components.

Custom Element Reactions are called with special care in order to prevent user’s code from being executed in the middle of a delicate process.

They’re delayed to the point that all necessary steps are being executed and therefore look to be executed synchronously.

On this page, we’ll continue by explaining why we’re adding Hooks to React and how they can help you write great applications. You can read more about the gradual adoption strategy for Hooks in the bottom section of this page.

Instead, Hooks provide a more direct API to the React concepts you already know: props, state, context, refs, and lifecycle.

We first have to remove and add it to the DOM in order to update them again.

We can use this callback to: With this, we have a very straight-forward way to pass data to our Custom Elements, but there’s one small problem: The attributes are only read when the component is added to the DOM.That should be deferred to the connected Callback hook. Defining a constructor when creating ES6 classes is actually optional.When undefined, the Java Script engine will just initiate an empty constructor, but its actually mandatory when creating Custom Elements. ) and the prototype and constructor are defined by the user.Java Script is a functional programming language where everything is a function and the constructor is no exception, but its a bit different from other functions, because its used for creating and intializing ES6 classes and is called when an instance of an element is upgraded (when it’s created or a previously-created one becomes method).A constructor can be used for creating an instance of the Shadow Dom, setting up event listeners and for intializing a component’s state, but it’s not recommended to execute tasks like rendering or fetching resources here.

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