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Hope X-Factor gets slated tommorow for racism because they are! (im black) forget this season,it aint gne make it only Simon knows! Gamu and Tracys Vocals were miles better than Cher and the other fake bleach blonde stuck in the 50's looking slapper KMFT to YOU! and yet we the ones that make e show a success,and are the most successful from it!! Stop *****ing, just because somebody has the same skin colour as you doesn't make them the same as you.

Tell me all the succesful white people that came out of the x factor and didnt just dwindle away into the background...?? Hope X-Factor gets slated tommorow for racism because they are! (im black) forget this season,it aint gne make it only Simon knows! Leona did well because she has an incredible voice, not because she's black. im sick of whites getting accused of racism at absolutely every opportunity. you are trying to feed racism and keep it alive, moan moan moan. Cry and forget the words and sail through to the Live performances :/ Dont know what the **** cheryl was listening to ..

Opera singers and music specialists have voiced concerns over a promising young singer forcing herself to mimic much older voices.

Since the clip of Laura Bretan performing Puccini’s Nessun Dorma in the early rounds of America's Got Talent appeared online earlier this year, it has been viewed millions of times.

Bretan, now aged 14, followed up in later rounds of the talent show with performances of 'Pie Jesu' and 'The Prayer' – made famous by Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion.

These performances also drew gushing praise from the judges. You perform with such passion and you pace yourself and you always hit that big moment, and I’m sitting here thinking you can’t really be 14." Watch the performances below: While some cheered to see classical music reaching a mass audience – and to see millions of people sharing and enjoying Puccini’s music, others raised concerns over Laura’s technique and her choice of repertoire.

The Strictly Come Dancing star revealed the happy news on Instagram with a photo of her kissing her fiance while showing off her sparkling engagement ring.

The singer admitted Josh did not bat an eyelid during their raunchy routines on the hit show because he's used to seeing her kiss two men a night in her theatre show Sister Act.

But while she missed out on Strictly glory, shortly after she announced her engagement to her long-term love Josh Ginnelly...She possesses both a promising voice and strong musical instincts, but most of the sounds she is producing are the result of effortful, unsustainable manipulations of a body that is not yet mature enough.” But Claudia goes on to say that jealousy may partly account for the classical world’s knee-jerk negative reaction to Laura’s performance – after all, this clip has made the news around the world precisely because it's rare to see an audience react so enthusiastically to a performance of an opera aria.She asks: “Does our desire to correct Bretan’s fans about the nature of opera make us snobs?Laura White (born 31 August 1987) is an English soul singer.She participated in Series 5 of The X Factor UK as part of the Girls category mentored by Cheryl Cole.

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