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But when I was talking to a microphone, I had a feeling, that I talk in a vacuum, a dead silence, nobody heard me.Then I decided to speak the knowledge I got from the books and videos.

In a few more years 4 Mobile phone Towers were built around our house, creating a cross with our house in the centre of it.I remember when later I was presenting our case at one of Council's meetings, before speaking in front of a big audience, I felt hopelessness.Nevertheless I managed to explain to the public and the council members our matter and get permission to built a retaining wall (at our expense).We started going crazy and tried to sell the house and move from that place, but without success (this house was all we had).Council secret societies members hoped, that our house would fall into the creek and that'll be the end of us, they tried their favorite scare tactics, doing nasty things to 3 of us (one of them was that our 3 years old son Robert was raped, we took the rapist to court, but lost the case).

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On top of that, when we went to Waterboard for a permission to have a bore on our property, we were appauled to know, that our property and us didn't exist at all on their maps, inspite of paying enormous annual rates for 20 years !!!

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