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Stephen Strader has said that Ignited Church will launch an International Apostolic Center and Ignited Network of Ministries, designed to bring together Lakeland-inspired revivals by Todd Bentley to launch the Portland Outpouring.

that included Hearts of Fire International Ministries evangelist Reverend Aaron Winter.

One week later, GOD TV announced Bentley would resume the Lakeland meetings and the broadcasts continued on July 18 2008.

The Florida Outpouring was in many ways similar to revivals that occurred in the 1990s, notably the Toronto Blessing in Canada and the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida.

Nowadays, finding Christian singles near Lakeland, FL can be pretty difficult.

The event changed venues on a number of occasions, starting at the Ignited Church and sister church in Auburndale, and moving to the ,000-per-night Lakeland Center and Marchant Stadium.

In June 2008, Nightline carried out an investigative report on Bentley.

Some days after the broadcast, Fresh Fire Ministries released a statement announcing that Bentley was taking time off "to refresh and to rest" and their Lakeland broadcasts on GOD TV were put on hold.

The Observer contacted five, plus three whose names were not provided, including Burgee.

Each said God had healed them through, or related to, Bentley and the Lakeland services." Strader responded to the Nightline report with the following statement, "Strader said privacy concerns and laws forbidding the release of medical records have prevented revival officials from releasing complete information about the identities and conditions of people claiming to be healed." Todd Bentley was known to forcefully kick, hit, smack or knock over participants.

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