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It’s tough the days you go out of the house before they wake up and you’re back after that,” he explained. So it’s all a trade off.” Prior to her relationship with Rhys, the Felicity alum was married to ex-husband Shane Deary, who she shares two children with — River, 10, and Willa, 6.

The former couple divorced in 2013 after seven years of marriage.

Julie would deal with the trauma of the assault (including blaming herself, questioning whether or not to report him or if it was even rape because she didn't fight) in the following episodes, sparking conversation about rape culture on the show and in real-life.

"The thing that excited us the most was about doing the tiniest moments in these character's lives, and how those tiny moments could be huge.

I think, even in the past, the tiny moments are huge, but there is also a huge stakes, and canvas behind that," he told Indie Wire. I think that our aims are the same, but that show, at that time, I think it was a time where you could do a show where just having those little moments was enough.

That was kind of that period."'s biggest controversies actually happened behind-the-scenes, when a writer for the show, Riley Weston, was outed for lying about her age in 1999.

Break out your tape recorder and a fresh new cassette because we're going back to 1998, the year that Felicity debuted on The WB.

And it's fitting that the college drama created by J. Abrams and Matt Reeves debuted at the beginning of fall,as it's a show that just evokes a warm and cozy feel. But offered so much more than one of TV's most compelling (and still hotly debated) love triangles during its four-year run from 1998-2002, including tackling sensitive subject matter that was ahead of its time, a shocking writer's room scandal that sparked an ageism debate in Hollywood, and two new TV icons in Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner.

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The color palette was kept restrained (think navy, rust, olive, burgundy, etc.). The inspiration for her look was Annie Hall, per Abrams' initial vision.

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