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Kim Hyun-Joong was the first member of the F4 group in "Boys Over Flowers" to have been cast. Waiting with great anticipation for this very talented artist and brave young man to return as an actor. The least mainly of all the boys over flowers came out to be the most most mainly of all the 4 boys... Ok people, Korea is extremely traditional and conservative when it comes to bad press, bad publicity, insinuations, propaganda and so on. Can't believe yar , handsome fellow I have ever seen Good luck for Ur upcoming projects, love u Kim ??? You are singer,dancer and actor too you are multi talented. You are very handsome look good in long hairs K-king of I-inspiration M-motivation H-healthy smile Y-young charming U-unbelievable N-nice look J-jaunt(short journey for pleasure) O-ode(a song) of love for fans O-off’ spring (child) N-natty G-gain(winning) people heart Hi! I'm happy you made it through your mandatory service safe and sound ??? You tackled that and came out alive...its time to tackle the real world..only way you can do that is to be yourself. but I wish you really didn't write those crappy messages... come back soon with lot of energy and give us some wonderful song...please wait for me... Would u believe that u are the reason why i became i Kpop Lover??!! :) ilove your songs also :) my favorite song among of song is Because Im Stupid, it was the first kpop song that ive known, and even i already have lots of biases, still when i choose between u and them ill choose u, because without you i wont know them..

The other three members of the F4 were then cast with Lee Min-Ho, Kim Beom, Kim Jun playing their respective characters. Chances of that is not very promising but if you are ever going to come to Dubai then my wish will come true. Since I’ve come across him, I’ve been impressed: he can sing, act, dance, compose, paint ... I hope and pray he is happy after all the BS he went through, Staying strong and focused. Coming from an outsider’s point of view, the low rating in “Inspirating Generation” had nothing and absolutely nothing to do with the writers, the production and not even the actors’ skills. @felli I think most avid fans here followed the case. You are the mirror of your fans if you smile your fans too smile, if you sad your fans too sad. Do what you do best which is acting, singing, dancing and entertaining. so when make your come back pls be honest with us fans.are ready to understand you. Take care always and im waiting for your upcoming dramas..

[8] Kim Hyun Joong ..❤❤❤ You are such a good actor. Recently I watched your Playful Kiss and I have become a big fan of yours..? Fighting and hope to see you in the next dramas Don't get upset because of negative comments you hear or see. Human beings can do ill deeds ,that's the nature of this world. YOU HAVE GREAT TALENT oppa use it well as you did before. Be happy because you got a chance to choose your true fans ,friends,relations. I heard this guy was abusive towards his ex-girlfriend, which resulted in previous miscarriages. I can't believe there are people supporting this man.

Kim hyum joong I'm yours biggest fan from India I'm watching your all kdrama I like you so much & I youreally song "because I'm stupid" I wish to God that I meet one time in my life.

Kim Hyun-Joong was at first reluctant to take on the role of Yoon Ji-Hoo due to fear of ruining his musical career. God has gifted you with such talents and you have inspired many with your works. I can see that whatever he’s achived has been through hard work improving his many talents. It was just bad timing with all the bad press with the main adult actor. It was clearly extortion of money from him, the gf just want money. So, what ever happen in your life just leave as it is live for your present that will give you “TRUE TREASURE”. I've learned that no matter what you do..or bad...people are always going to talk..if they have proof or no proof at all..ex got what she deserved for the false accusations made on you and for fraud..that's done with so no more worries there..its time for you to do what you love and what your good at. Kim Hyun Joong, is an excellent actor who is appreciated. Look forward to his talents as many of his fans are. i hope you'll have a drama together with unnie jung so min :) ammeeen... Ps: sorry for grammatical Error I don't know that I like you or not but whenever I heard your song of boys over flowers, it feels like I know you from the beginning. I don't know if could see you in front of me live in realiaty.

Nevertheless, Kim Hyun-Joong agreed to play the role and then performed due diligence on his character. God willing would love to see you and hear you sing in person. ( Kim Hyun Joong is going M&M on us) And all the ladies say Yay Yay? Without recognizing the main actor from the 1st episode; I wanted to know more about that actor. You know his driving scandals just prove he is stressed right now. So he needs to comeback even if its a cable drama for all we care. Always be aware the real happiness is nearby you it may be your fans or your family or some other thing. After all you've been through its time to focus on yourself...it's time to move forward and don't let the past get you down..as your fans are here to be your strength...are your support system when you need us... Waiting to see him acting again on K dramas and movies. Please urge him on and help him outlive his unfortunate experience. A fan of Kim Hyun Joong Kim I have so many things that I want to tell you....i can't express.... i doubt you will see this but i love your series that you have been in i hope that one day i will be able to see you in a live concert but i doubt i will since i live in america you are very talented I have been wanting to write and encourage you but did not know where to go to.

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After getting away from that management company Kim Hyun-Joong was introduced DSP Entertainment and, after auditions, became a member of boy band SS501. You have been through a lot but you managed to overcome them all just like how i know that you will overcome this too.

SS501 released their self-titled debut album "SS501" on June 23, 2005. Kim you look awesome in boys over are so good looking smile is such a good gift from God. I don't care about what happen to you and your wife, I still want you to come back to normal like mischievous kiss or inspiration generation, come back to new Korean drama and we still like you no matter what happen! We knew you were a good person from boys over flower though Personal life should be personal.it does affect the viewers view yet he's too good of an actor so his career deserves a chance. Come back soon..waiting to see you in some new drama Your acting in Playful kiss and BOF was enough to earn a fan in me. In case you need a new personal assistant l am very willing...haha! :) Your Filipino fans can't wait to see you again..we've miss you a lot its been two years since you're gone,but until now till forever i am willing to wait and support you without doubt. My dong saeng Kim Hyun-Joong it's so funny, because both of us are born in the same day, June 6, and both of us have the same blood type B. I hope one day to meet my dong saeng and to congratulate him in person! Another proof of you being the hardworker you are, you manged to be promoted twice in just less than year. There is really a nice ring to it.(kekeke) Annyeonghaseyo Oppa..

Since then Kim Hyun-Joong has performed as a singer until being cast in the KBS2 drama "Boys Over Flowers". I can see Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama “When Time Stopped”(tentative title) has already been added - such exciting news! I was waiting for the plot twist at the end, for him and Jan di to get together, and was so surprised when they didn't. Best of luck to him and the rest of the crew in their future. k Hj I am sure your international concert is going to be a huge success you have millions of caring fans out there giving you their unconditional support for your happiness and good health all the best always And all the best to you fans. Your smile I really liked it .really Kim I love usoo much the best for your any chance for next birth I pray for God that I should meet u once in my life time I am a fan form India l watched two series of yours I thought your are only 19 but u know,,, thirty oneeeeeeee OMG!!? Hi Kim Hyun Joong you have done amazing job in Boys over flowers. He really has evolved as an actor and I was actually rooting for him to get the girl in Boys Over Flowers ....super sweet drama and he rocked it. Your smile is like a sunshine that always brighten up my day. :) My best wishes, and if you come in Europe, let me know, ok :) we are waiting for your next work with your come back. :) When i first saw u on the drama boys over flower, i got curious, i searched for your profile and became your fan. You and Jung so min unnie was my first favorite korean couple!!

[7] While appearing on the talk show "Kang Shim Jang" (hosted by Lee Seung-Ki & Kang Ho-Dong), Kim Hyun-Joong mentioned that he dated a member of female idol group for 5 months, but didn't specify her name. We, the public should just back off, let have their privacy, and resolve the matter through their attorneys.

He did mention that they went to the movies together and once went on a fishing trip. I will send them all good luck for an amicable solution and wish the child to be strong, healthy and to live a good life. When i saw you in boys before flowers and miscieveous kiss ithink your acting is standard and rate, but when i was saw you in inspiring generation your acting is wonderfull and very differences.

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