Jensen ackles dating 2016

We are so proud to host this amazing night of music, which truly shows how multi-talented those Supernatural stars are.

Along with Rob Benedict and Louden Swain, there will be other SPN guests performing, As a result of the Supreme Court Ruling during 2018 affecting online sales taxes (both state and local taxes), various states are requiring sales tax (both state and local taxes) on ANY online sales; therefore, you may now start seeing a separate charge on your invoice for this sales tax.

as our wonderful host and co-host of the SPN conventions.

• One SUPERNATURAL music video may be submitted, and only one. • If submitting a flash drive, please make sure all files are compatible with Quicktime.

The dance areas are on a first come, first served basis. We want to meet the real you, whether that's your everyday wear, or the wizard you are inside, so come dressed for the party and join us in a high-energy night of frivolity!

When filled, kindly take a seat (either with a reserved seat from one of our packages, or in the general admission area). Since this is a FREE EVENT so you do not keep your same seats you had during the day.

This is due to an overwhelming number of submissions. • You do not have to be present for the actual showing of your video, but you must claim your award at the show before the end of the weekend or your award will be forfeited.

• Send your video using an order confirmation or signature required so you know if your video was received. • The competition closes 40 days prior to the convention. • Don't forget about the great supporting cast members of the show!

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It’s astounding how our beloved tv show has been such a must-watch for 15 years, making it the longest running genre TV show in US history.

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