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The intricate tattoos explain her journey, and the mystery of her life eventually becomes the FBI's latest challenge as they try to "follow the road map on her body into a larger conspiracy of crime, while bringing her closer to discovering the truth about her identity," according to NBC. "Blindspot" is about a mystery woman, played by Alexander, who is found naked and covered in tattoos in Times Square with absolutely no memory of her past.She suggests her fans to take care of their bodies as this is a one time gift from God and we should not destroy it with too much alcohol intake and by starving ourselves. On top of that, she finds complex carbs with some proteins useful.We've seen Jaimie Alexander make memorable appearances in shows like "Agents of S. They're "piercing together her past, one tattoo at a time," the site reads.She's a daredevil As someone who became a natural as an actress in the action genre, she realized she would eventually be involved in some pretty dangerous scenes.She does as many of her own stunts as the law will allow, and even though they're just stunts, she does admit that she sometimes gets beaten up pretty badly, according to Fox.Luckily for Alexander, they are drawn on with a stronger adhesive than your typical temporary tattoo, so they last for several days at a time.

She wishes she could be covered in tattoos permanently Her character has over 200 tattoos, which take three tattoo artists about seven hours to apply, according to Entertainment Weekly. She also stars in the series “Blindspot”, and as she continues her career it is expected that her wealth will increase.Her net worth started to increase and the film would open up other opportunities for her, including appearances in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Standoff”.She finds this type of yoga really helpful as it is a nice way to get rid of harmful toxins.Yoga has done good things for her skin and taught her to breathe in hard times.

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Jaimie Lauren Tarbush was born on 12 March 1984, in Greenville, South Carolina USA, and is an actress, best known for being part of the television series “Kyle XY” as Jessi. Jaimie started acting in grade school, just taking theater for fun.

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