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Karan asked Rana and Prabhas if they are single at the moment. However, Karan asked Prabhas about the rumours of a link-up with Anushka Shetty and Prabhas said that those were indeed just rumours.When asked about his relationship with Trisha, Rana said that they were ‘friends’ for a very long time but things just didn’t work out between them.Rajamouli said that the while the audience in North and Tamil Nadu took to the film right away, Telugu audience wasn’t as receptive initially.Until the evening of release day, the makers were still not sure where the film had hit the mark.However, he wasn’t sure how long the wedding would last.Karan then played the Koffee shots game with the men, starting with Rajamouli.He said that south superstars have a better idea of what their audiences want compared to Bollywood stars and that he wouldn’t replace Rana or Prabhas if the film was made in Hindi.He said he can’t choose between Rajkumar Hirani and Anurag Kashyap as his favorite Bollywood director but Ranbir was his favorite actor.

He asked Prabhas what it was like when the film was released.

When it was the boys’ turn, Rana confessed being a member of the mile high club and that he’s had friends with benefits.

Prabhas refused it all but at the end confessed that he has lied on the Koffee couch. He said that Deepika Padukone was the hottest actress from the current generation, would set up Prabhas with Katrina Kaif, would call Ranbir Kapoor for gossip and that Anushka was the sexiest actress in the Telugu film industry.

Rajamouli said that the star is rather shy in nature.

He said that while he is a big time introvert who gets uncomfortable around more than three people, he is friendly and carefree in the company of friends.

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