Is josh groban dating january jones

But alas, it was all over by July 2016, two years down the line. She made her debut as an actress on the American drama and comedy series After his sixth relationship debacle, Josh Groban’s dating list paused at Schuyler Helford and perhaps won’t go anywhere else.The two have been making appearances together in public functions one of which was reported to be at the Tony Awards.

Groban worked for David Foster as a rehearsal singer after being introduced to him by his vocal coach, Seth Riggs.

The singer's self-titled debut album Josh Groban was released on November 20, 2001, which became a double-platinum album.

Groban's released his second album in 2003 which was named 'closer' and it was followed by Awake in 2006, Noel in 2007, Illuminations in 2010, All That Echoes in 2013 and Stages in 2015.

Groban performed on stage for the first time when he was in the seventh grade but he was more focused on acting during his school years.

He gradually developed to be a multi-talented global artist which we know him as today.

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