Intimidating architecture

The converted vehicle also boasts a 185-mile range and fast charging of up to 80 percent capacity in just 25 minutes.

Although the G-Wagen SUV is just a prototype for Schwarzenegger, Kreisel hopes to capitalize on the publicity, eventually converting many more diesel engines into all-electric motors.

For now, both Clare and Backdrop are targeting the do-it-yourself house painter, rather than professional designers who already have longstanding relationships with established paint companies like Farrow & Ball.

Designers may not be using Backdrop or Clare yet, but they liken the potential impact of these new companies to the way HGTV brought professional interior design advice into the homes of people who’d never hire a professional.

“It democratizes design in a positive, healthy way,” said Breeze Giannasio, a Los Angeles interior designer.

“It’s giving services to people who would have never hired an interior designer in the first place.”There’s also the “it” factor.

“In slow-growth categories, that’s devastating,” Rothenberg says.

“We have to stay ahead of that to ensure that we are part of the future.”That future, it seems, may be one where the color wheel is smaller, but—for designers and consumers alike— somehow brighter.They did not spend weeks waffling between various shades of green. “If I recommended a color to my client, they never once said, ‘Go back and bring me 10 more.’”Gibbons sought to bring that authority to a paint company.The website offers a quiz that asks questions about a room’s light, size, style, and furnishings and then suggests colors with whimsical names like Avocado Toast and Dirty Martini.Gibbons selected the Clare color palette by considering color families and how color may be used in a home, choosing ones that have a universal appeal and avoiding any with complex undertones.The goal is to offer smart advice that a consumer would trust.

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