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Keep in mind that the FBI considers Hispanics as whites so the percentage of actual white hate crime offenders is likely much lower.In any case, non-Hispanic whites make up 63.7% of the US population. Either way, whites commit hates crimes at a rate lower than their population percentage.The only race that exceeds their population percentage in hate crime offenders are the blacks.If all things were equal, you’d think the numbers would match up.

News outlets report Jefferson Parish Sheriff's deputies say 50-year-old James Descant holds "disdain" for mixed couples.

Descant is charged with a hate crime after allegedly running down an interracial couple outside a business in Metairie, La.

(Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office via AP) METAIRIE, La.

Deputies say the black man and white woman were standing outside a business in Metairie when Descant swerved to hit them. on April 17 outside Birdies Service Station at on charges including hate crimes and aggravated assault.

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