Interracial dating common

Tria Chang, a 34-year-old writer who has written about the complex racial dynamics of being in a relationship with her white fiance, says she is wary of being stereotyped or criticised for her romantic choices."A Caucasian male [especially one who works in tech] with an Asian female is so common it's become cliche," she said.In the aforementioned OKCupid study, they were the most sought-after matches among men of all races; and Are You Interested, an online dating platform, examined 2.4 million interactions and found that Asian women received the most messages among all ethnic groups. When Christine Wong (not her real name) was single, the 30-something Chinese Canadian found that perceptions of her ethnicity came with certain connotations."I heard people say things like 'Asian women are petite, they age well, and they're loyal and more [sexually] submissive'," she said, adding that she has mainly dated white and Asian men.

"People behave according to the way they're programmed.Cliches are not inherently negative, Chang added, though she does not want to be pigeonholed as the token Asian girlfriend."Internally it felt similar to how I try really hard to drive perfectly to fight the stereotype of the 'bad Asian driver'." Chang said she was initially alarmed when she found out her fiance had dated other Asian girls when they first began dating, but she chose to address it seriously."I have definitely sensed this lack of interest in getting to know me," he said."Even outside of dating - at work, the women who interact with me the most are Asian and rarely white or of other ethnicities." This isn't just the case in Vancouver.

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If you are a white woman you're socially programmed to believe the Asian man is the least sexually viable, least sexually attractive," he said.

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