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Personally I’ve witnessed the metamorphosis, changes and growth of the Interpals and its transformation from strictly “newspapers-like” online classifieds to a full-fledged social networking service armed with myspace/facebook/twitter copycat innovations such as “walls”, instant messaging, forums, group chat, “friends” list, bookmarking, and etc.A while ago I was even a volunteer profile moderator on Interpals working with two other volunteer mods by the then Inter Pals usernames of “Gotterkind” (Brad aka Haz Mat) and “Whitewolf” (Jeremy)…

The person pretends to get to know you and like you. Steer clear of any date that asks you to send her money.

We had fun exterminating Nigerian scammers and Russian sex scams and annoying stuff that deteriorated the site experience.

And there was also this 30 year old computer hacker named Spy_Phoenix (Matt from down south Australia) who liked to come on to cause troubles and stir up controversy on the forums, we had a love-hate relationship with him, but overall it was fun!

Even though I’ve known Antonio for many years, he is a very private and secretive guy (his own Inter Pals profile was blank and not even filled out until just this later half of the year!

) and it took a lot of digging through public records and freely available sources to find all this information.

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