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And, Ashton has said that he loves Demi’s girls, the oldest of which is just 10 years younger than himself, so much that he wouldn’t love a child of his own blood any more that that. How long should I wait for him to call or to return my phone call? Instead, she needs a hot husband to keep her happy. Men look to younger women as the hosts of the best eggs in order to have healthy children to pass on their DNA. Women look for financial security in their partners because they want to be able to have the support of a father to raise their children.However, those reasons would better fit the understanding of a less-evolved human whose criteria for finding a mate purely revolves around reproduction.Misconceptions about older men dating younger women Let’s admit it.

On the contrary, there are thousands of successful relationships wherein the man is older than the woman. Younger women find less emotional baggage in older men who have gone through and made amends with their insecurities long ago; on the other hand, older men are fascinated with the youthful energy and fun-loving character that younger women bring into their lives. [Read: When does the age gap in a relationship start to matter?

For women, dating an older man comes with a lot of benefits other than money.

An older guy has more life experience, so he’s pretty sure about himself, and won’t go through the jitters and indecision younger men experience.

Find out what they are and how you can greatly increase your chances of getting a call from him. Kim Catrell’s character, Samantha, on Sex and the City, dated a younger man for the last two seasons.

When a guy does not call, there are multiple reasons. Because of these changes in society, older women dating younger men is now not only a possibility, it is happening more and more.

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