Internet dating danger stories

Here are seven statistics to keep in mind when you’re looking for a hookup, friendship, date, relationship, marriage, or any other type of companionship.According to Phactual, one in 10 sex offenders is on a dating site to meet new people — while 25% of rapists use online dating to find their victims.We’re big proponents of online dating, but we understand how it can be a scary thing to do.

We mentioned earlier that the most common scam that occurs on dating sites probably involves money.Facebook can be a highly dangerous place, especially for naive and impressionable teens.The Internet is teeming with predators, and if your teen comes into contact with but one of them, their life could be ruined forever.says 10% of profiles on free dating sites are fake. Some free dating services are less trustworthy than the ones you have to pay for because anyone and everyone can join.People who are serious about meeting that special someone are more than likely willing to buy a monthly subscription.

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Zimmerman was recently laden with 87 charges, particularly 23 counts of sexual penetration of a child...

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