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Jewish communal leaders, rabbis, and parents worry about the affinity toward Israel among adolescent sons and daughters.

The JEP survey found that YSO teens “are interested in Israel and believe that as Jews they have a special connection to the land and the country [the people].” An impressive 71% agree with or strongly agree with the statement: “I feel a strong connection to Israel.” Most of the remainder express a “connection” to Israel albeit not a “strong one.” Israel Travel – “Travel to Israel as part of an organized group predicted higher ratings on most Gen Now Outcomes, including social/emotional ones.

Jewish identity, connection to Israel, pride in being Jewish, forming Jewish friendships, sustaining Jewish family values, also feeling good about themselves, deepening relationships with family, friends, and mentors, and feeling empowered to make change in the world etc.] The JEP data indicate that teens who participate in USY/Kadima are in the top tier of the 17,000 Gen Z adolescents surveyed.Jewish teens develop the capacity (skills and language) that allows them to grapple with and express their spiritual journeys.Jewish teens feel connected to their various communities.“Teens who have visited Israel describe it as a peak experience.Teens who have not been to Israel would like to go.” In this regard, JEP data tell us that more USY respondents have already visited Israel during their teenage years than respondents in virtually any other youth organization.

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