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Here are real sugar babies showing us their tips and bio examples for being an attention grabber on sugar daddy sites. The best is to show the real you and what you’re all about. Good profiles will also be completely filled out, without any black spots.

The more complete the profile, the better chances you have at attracting people. —— Sugar Baby I feel there’s no such thing as a perfect profile.

—— Sugar Baby I feel like this is cliche but really honesty is the key. Your body maybe attractive but your mind is more beautiful then anything else. Don’t say what you’re looking for right away unless it’s honestly good company.

Write something that if your best friend read it he/she would be able to pick you out without hesitation. Your potential sugar match doesn’t have to wonder if you lied about being a smoker or if you secretly have a beard fetish. —— Sugar Baby What I have written on my profile if nothing but the truth. When you do your moments don’t be nude leave that for later leave that for when you’re together. That might be considered a turn off if you say money (Depending on the guy)Why not leave a little mystery also in your profile? My profile shows my achievements and what I think is fun/my hobbies. It took me about 20 mins to make one i liked and i even showed my friend. Like my likes and hobbies (hobbies that could also benefit them).

A profile should describe you, being real, being you. So if people really enjoy what you write then that’s how you guys click. So I guess a perfect profile is all about giving facts about yourself and not lying or telling people what they wanna hear vs what they don’t. Tell them a few, fun, and quirky things about yourself and make sure you list your interests.

For instance, I always list that I can dance Tahitian and Hawaiian and you would not believe how many messages I get about that.

Both types of profiles contain similar information, but a social media profile will be less formal than a personal profile for an application.

I just say the general my name age height weight hair and eye color because those are repetitive questions.I’m not saying use real names or personal information, but to express who you are and be the exact person they will be meeting.I understand not every one has same features or may be different in other ways but there is always an ideal partner for everyone.Then just say something about you personally because things will get very personal between your daddy and you and you should feel open to talk about your personal life because it’s not always professional.—— Sugar Baby I just want to convey who I am and what I’m looking for.

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